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This app was very useful at one time but now when I am making deliveries to local locations (and especially well sites owned by smaller oil companies) this app takes me everywhere except where I want to go and costs my customers extra time


I’m having the same issue as before with the app not automatically updating with the paid subscription. I have had this app for a long time and it seemed to work better before the paid subscription was implemented. I have four updates and can’t use them. How can they not automatically update when you click on the updates button?

Update doesn’t work on iPhone X

I have an iPhone X, the update doesn’t work I just paid for it and I couldn’t update it

App is garbage

How do I request a refund? I will never use this app again. It got me lost and had me on roads a truck shouldn’t be on. Very disappointed and aggravated.

Not updating

I liked the app until I had to get a subscription that doesn’t update my well information

Can’t update app

Why pay a monthly subscription if the app doesn’t update regularly! Can’t find 1/2 the wells that we’re recently drilled. Update: STILL CANT FIND NEWLY DRILLED WELLS!!! I show 5 updates. What happened to the supposed monthly well updates?


Pretty handy but I’ll be nice if wen you get near to one X well ring and show you the name of near well to you

Well a pro

This app has taken a nosedive since you started the monthly subscription. Before it worked flawlessly, now i am finding it to be hit and miss. Last week I needed to find a well at the XTO Cornell unit and only 6 wells were listed out of 50 to 100 but at least it gave me the field, now Cornell is not even listed on my iPhone 7+ app that I use daily. To be fair I just checked and the wells are showing up on my iPad...yes I reinstalled the app to the iPhone and rebooted but it still will not show the field and wells. This needs to work on all ISO platforms. Please fix this or go back to the old system.

Have to log into App Store every time ap starts

I've found this app to be pretty handy and really appreciate the ability to use google maps instead of apple maps. However, now you have to log into the App Store each and every time the app starts. I think is has something to do with the new subscription model. Fortunately I have several updates left from the old update model which I very much prefer. I will probably stop using the app once I run out of updates as I don't use it enough to justify a monthly subscription that charges me whether I use the app or not.

Do NOT Purchase this App!!!!

This is absolutely worthless unless a well is less than a mile from a road. The update process has become ridiculous and expensive. This use to be a decent app but has become a worthless electronic purchase; DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!! I'm giving 2 stars because it "was" useful at one time but is not useful anymore.


Useless without being able to update

Won't let me update

I've had this app for almost 2 years, it won't let me update

Where is the Update button

I have been a monthly subscriber for a few months, had the app for about 2 plus years. Ever since the update for the monthly subscription came out I have been unable to update my app and it is showing 3 updates available

Wished I would've upgraded

No longer suggest spelling, turns the app into a subscription based app instead of purchasing updates when you want. Still no county or parish listed for well info.

Requires subscription

I've used this app for 2 years. Already paid $20 for it. Now, out of nowhere, they are requiring $3/month subscription. Or I can pay $50 for what I already bought for $20. Not happy.

Piece of Pooh👎🏿

Don't waste your money on this app. I don't ordinarily rate apps, but from the get go it stunk! I work in the oil industry and thought it might be a useful tool, unfortunately it has been a stinker! It has an on going monthly auto-renew charge to get the latest wells. Even when I downloaded it the first time the wells two months old weren't in the app. I have had it for less than a month & it doesn't want to open up. I'm going to delete it!

What happened to this otherwise 5🌟 app

Worked great until I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS (8.2) now nothing. Please fix it soon. I will updated my rating when it starts working. Update: thanks for the fix. I love this app and rely on it all day everyday. Thanks for the quick fix. Worried if I should update to the new IOS. Is there going to be another issue like the last update? Update 05/19/2017 thank you for adding Google map support.


The most frequently used App on my iPhone. Gets me to where I need to be for my clients when I am in the oilfield. Thank you for the awesome service. JWB

Uses to much storage space, Needs Improvement

Need to improve App to use less storage space, this will make it a better app.. Also need to update maps, this app has gave me directions to well's via impassible roads, Roads with fences running across them, Permanent locked gates, Etc... Need to be able to use accessible lease entrance roads, gates to get to destinations... Please improve..

Pay attention to the satellite map!!

This app will take you through dry river beds, sandy pipe line accesses and restricted ranch roads... It will most often take you an hour out of your way down a two track cattle path... Why won't it follow the ACTUAL LEASE ROADS?!?! Pay attention to your satellite map for the true path to take...

Can't use for maps

The coordinates are backwards in this app and it won't work in maps. It's been this way for several months. Please fix this issue! I've even talked via email to the app support people several times and it's still not fixed.

Great app

I use this app to find wells in North Dakota, Montana and, South Dakota. For the most part it is accurate but, it can lead you in the wrong direction so, check the satellite view to make sure you are in the right path. I've had to rely on paper maps a couple of times because some wells arent in the app.

Crooks I paid for update and still haven't received it.

I guess it's ok to take my money and not update my data. I've tried several times contacting someone by email and still have not gotten a response. They were more than happy to take my money but never credited my account. I tried app support which is just a never ending circle. If someone knows anyway to actually talk to a person about this app could you let me know please.


Makes you pay more money for updates. Need my money back.

Doesn't work

Thieves!...stop stealing my money FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!

Best app to help you go.

This's the best tool u can have if u need to find a location. Of course don't expect to got exactly direction in dirt roads. But learn how use satellite view and figure it out ur way. Really thanks guys for this app.

Needs update

I have used this app frequently but we need an update for Oklahoma wells; also, after updating to IOS9 this app no longer works with the default map app (Apple maps) which was also updated along with IOS9. As of now I cannot use it until this issue as been resolved.

Ok or bust

I get good updates for tx panhandle where are the updates for Oklahoma. Texas updates regularly I've had this app for 4 months now and Oklahoma hasn't updated once

App problems

Updates have not fixed the problem of not being able to use this app any more. Have paid for services not rendered and not happy.


You need to update the satellite photo on a regular basis

Awesome App!

This app works great. Huge time saver and well worth the money. If your having problems it's most likely your fault for being ignorant and not the apps. As for the guy who says "this app doesn't work when I lose cell service!", OMG, it's a cell phone buddy what did you expect the app to turn your phone into a Garmin? Some peoples kids, I tell ya. The one time I noticed an error or glitch, Greg in customer service helped immediately, turns out the error was Apple's fault. Great app, highly recommend!!!

Well finder

Love the app / easy to use / great in the field !!


Rely on navigator a great deal thanks for the fix.

Best well finder by far!!

This app has been essential in finding hard to locate wells that I use to use by lat/long which even still so was a crap shoot, but being able to see the hybrid view is so precise that why would you use any other?


Awesome guys thank you for the quick fix a lot of us in the patch rely on this app thank you.

App not working

App is not working anymore. Need this for work every day, please fix soon.

Best app out there!

Come on Apple freaking give us the update!

This is BS

Wish I would have read the reviews before noticing that the search stopped working. Been a loyal customer for a few years- I even recommended this app to my drivers- hope this gets fixed ASAP.. Shawna Dickson SICK BOY TRUCKING

Fix your App please!

Your App is non functional! After being a customer for years! I have paid for this app and invested money into your up dates. Now, it flat dose not work! Guys..., please fix this!!!!!

No search

Was working great until search quit w/ IOS 8.2 release. Will update stars when fixed.

Search quit working

After 8.2 my search does not work!!! Need a bug fix please!! I use this app every day😩

Still an awesome app.

I spoke at length with a development team member. They are aware of the issue with iOS 8.2 and have submitted an update to Apple as of about a week ago. It's now on Apple's side to review it and release the update to see if it will fix the search issue. Don't give up they're trying! I love this app!

Can no longer search

I updated my phone to version 8.2 and can no longer search! I use this app everyday and have quite a bit of money tied up in it. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

Emissions Manager

This app was very useful until recently, now even after I updated it I can no longer receive data. I paid money for this and expect it to work when I need it.

Please fix

Has not worked since updating to IOS 8.2. Great app when working.

Not working!!!

I can not search for wells. If this wasnt something i paid for i wouldnt complain. Fix this issue!!!

What happened to search?

I also lost the search feature and I rely on this app a lot, hope you guys fix it asap

Hasn't worked in the last week. Do not buy!

It was the best app ever and now Im starting to question if I have to look for another one because they cant seem to solve this problem... Fix the app! It just doesn't work...

App not working

I did the update to 8.2 and it is not working I use this app every day please fix

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