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My go to app

With so many leases and entrances, this app gets me to my delivery destination. The database provided is a huge help as I work in Texas and New Mexico going to sum three plus, wells every day. It helps me find my quickest route or at least takes me to the proper lease. Use this with Googles satellite maps view and you get to location like a pro.


Great app really useful

Worth it!

This app is fantastic! Fast way to find wells and great integration to the navigation on iphone. Recommend to anyone in need. Make sure you have wifi access as it is over 100mb for initial dl so the store will block over the air download, even on lte.


Purchased the 9.99 app, and before I even use it it wants me to purchase updates? What the hell did I pay 9.99 for?

Hello dispatch... Hello?

Whether you haul waste water, oil, are working flow back or are a pumper THIS app will save you time and trouble finding the wells location (even the ones dispatch cant find with a witch and a divining rod). Its better than any map book Ive ever used.

Its worth it

Its worth the money you have to spend for updates. For someone who has to be on time to location or loose customers this app has saved my butt countless times! I love it!

Service Specialist

If your job requires you to you find NEW locations, this app might not be for you and you better be prepared to update monthly ($4.99/ Month). I purchased it and updated it. A week later it wanted me to update again. I feel like this was a waste of money.


No able to download the app, and yes, Im connected to wifi

Very Handy

As a crude oil hauler, I use this app a lot. Sometimes I cant find a site, but its rare. I highly recommend it and I have gotten a lot of my coworkers to purchase this app. But can you please update the satellite map?? I find myself referring to the Google maps app to get an updated view of site. Also, when I make a ping on the app, there is an option to navigate to it but it wont work. Because sometimes you have to navigate to the lease road entrance and not to the well itself.

App Stop working!!

App Stop working with iOS 8.2, it wont search any location, please fix the app use everyday

No search

I updated to 8.2 today as well and cannot search anymore. I drive at night and rely heavily on this. Please fix soon. Otherwise I love this app

App Stopped work

Updated my phone to 8.2 and Im no longer able to search sites. This is a must have app for me so please fix the problem

Help Im lost!

App stopped working! Star rating is going down as I type!

Lost search

Hey I lost my search, really do depend on your app, hope you could fix it really quick, thanks


Is an awesome app when it was working. Now nothing wont pull anything up. Good luck talking to someone. What a way to spend your money

Is anybody there?

Hello this needs to be fixed. Hasnt worked since downloading iOS 8.2. Come on get on the ball !!

App not working

I did the update to 8.2 and it is not working I use this app every day please fix

Hasnt worked in the last week. Do not buy!

It was the best app ever and now Im starting to question if I have to look for another one because they cant seem to solve this problem... Fix the app! It just doesnt work...

What happened to search?

I also lost the search feature and I rely on this app a lot, hope you guys fix it asap

Not working!!!

I can not search for wells. If this wasnt something i paid for i wouldnt complain. Fix this issue!!!

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